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With over 20 years of experience working in coaching, recruiting, staffing and Human Resources, Top Dog's coaching time has seen it all!  We've coached recent college grads and helped them grow into corporate executives.  We've coached entrpreneurers and watched their comapanies grow, go public, get accquired, or acquire other companies. We've coached 1000's and through the job search process and helped them find their dream jobs, and we've been there to answer questions from "How can I ask for a raise and get it?" to "How do I handle questions about why I left a job during an interview?"  to " I'm not happy in my current role and I want to find the right job" to "I want to find a job that I'm passionate about but I don't know what I want to do".


To a lot of people, what you do for work is a big part of who you are. It's important to us that you are doing what you love and loving what you do.  We all hit that point where we need someone to help provide us with guidance and motivation.  Sometimes a Career Coach or Job Search Coach is exactly what you need to help you achieve your goals, your aspirations, or just figure out what steps you need to take next.    


Each of our coaching programs are individually designed to help you achieve your goals and objectives. 











Book your appointment now with one of our Resume Coaches!  We know how to navigate through the Application Process! We can help you optimize your resume so that it will rise to the top of the list!   We'll coach you on the best format to use, and the best way to detail your experience and your accomplishments.  We’ll help you determine the best key words and structure to use to ensure your resume received a high ranking from Artificial Intelligence systems that are used in almost all applicant tracking systems these days.   Our Coached also come to the table with a vast knowledge of HR laws and regulations that employers need to comply with. This includes knowledge of things that may appear on your resume that could result in an automatic disqualification, regardless of your experience! In other words, we know how the system works and we know how to use it to your benefit! 

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This service is for people who already have a resume but just aren't getting the response they want.  Our Redline Service uses the expertise of one of our experienced Professional Job Search Coaches, Professional Recruiters and HR Professionals who interact on a daily basis with hiring managers, hiring teams and the modern day technologies including Artificial Intelligence, and Applicant Tracking Systems. Not only does our team understand how the techology works and what the A.I. and algorithms look for in resumes, but they also know exactly what hiring managers look for in a resume and where they look for it.  In other words we know how to get through both Digital and Human Gate Keepers to get you infront of the decision makers!! 


What you can expect from this service: 

Our resume professional will review your resume with a fine-toothed comb and redline it, showing you how you can strengthen your resume and get noticed!*


How it works: 

When you book your Resume Redline Service, you will submit your resume to our coach.  You have the option of providing additional information, such a a specific job that you want to apply to.  The Coach will review your resume with a Red Pen and electronically redline your resume to high light where you can make improvements. This service is for people who already have a resume but just aren't getting the response they want.  


Objectives of this red-line service include:


  • Optimize your resume's format for best results
  • Ensure that your content answers all of the questions a hiring manager wants to see answered in a resume
  • Deliver an effective value proposition to the hiring team
  • Effectively demonstrate why you are the best candidate around
  • How to keep your resume on the short-list


NOTE:  This Service does NOT include phone, video or in-person consultation. 





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